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Nestlhof farm

is a hereditary farm which means that the farm has been owned by the Nestl family for more than two hundred years.

The farm is almost freestanding and is thus the perfect place for a recreational holiday.

The main income at Nestlhof dairy farming: we have 35 milk cows and about 15 young cattle. In addition to the cows, there are also horses, pigs, goats, chickens, a dog and cats on the farm.

The residential building was built in 1991. In 2019 the house was renovated and two holiday flats were built in the attic to offer farm holidays. The stable was built in 1979 and extended and modified in 2001.

The farm is run by the Nestl family.

The hosts Leopold, Renate, Stefan and Christa warmly welcome you.

Farm produce

On our farm you can purchase our own fresh products. Just ask us, we have: milk, eggs and seasonal fruit and vegetabeles from our garden. In the raised bed next to the farm garden you will find our small herb garden. You can use the herbs to give your dishes a special taste, to prepare a soothing herbal infusion or as medical herbs.

Visits to the stable and stable rules

On our farm there are numerous things to discover and to experience, especially for children. Unfortunately, there are also many hidden dangers.

For safety reasons, access to the barn is not allowed, except with a family member.

You are welcome to visit the stable every day. Please, be quiet in the stable.

We would be happy to explain life on the farm, work in the fields and work with the animals to you.

If you wish, you can experience the haywork yourself during the harvesting period.

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